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Excellence and Experience in ECT Induction

All ECTs must have their induction registered with an Appropriate Body. At Thames South TSH our Appropriate Body service will meet the needs of schools from all phases and settings across the hub region and beyond, supporting ECTs during this important period. We will deliver professional guidance and support at every step of the induction process, delivering a service according to the roles and responsibilities as set out in Induction for early career teachers (click here to view).

We work with schools and colleges to ensure that their assessment is fair and consistent to ensure that ECTs have the best chance to meet the Teachers’ Standards at the end of their induction period. We check that the ECT has been given their statutory entitlements and that the induction programme is rooted in the Early Career Framework (ECF). The Appropriate Body recommends that schools follow a fully funded induction programme for their ECT’s. Find out more about our programme partnered with UCL here.

If you have ECTs in the 2024-25 cohort you must attend the ‘Thames South Appropriate Body Service 24-5’ session on Zoom which summarises our AB service for all schools we work with, on either:

  • Tuesday 16th July 2024 at 3.45pm or (Register here)
  • Or, Thursday 5th September 2024 at 3.45pm (Register here)

Costs for schools for our Appropriate Body service:

  •  £175.00 per ECT per year.

Please contact us to discuss bespoke costs for fidelity checks for schools following a Core Induction Programme or a School Designed Induction Programme.

Register your school:

Please complete the information form here to confirm your intention to register your ECTs to the Thames South Teaching School Hub (TSTSH) to use our Appropriate Body (AB) Service and/or our Early Career Framework Programme 2024-26, run in partnership with UCL.

To watch this introduction video, please click on the play button below.

You can also download a .PDF version of our slideshow here.

Service Level Agreement for Appropriate Body Services
Our Service Level Agreement for Appropriate Body Services is linked below for your information. If you are using TSTSH for your AB Service, the information you provide on the form will be submitted by TSTSH to ECT Manager. Once we have entered this information you will be able to add your ECTs and their mentors and this will form the Service Level Agreement (contract) with TSTSH for Appropriate Body Services. Please email us if you have any questions on

This updated guide will help Induction Tutors, ECTs, Mentors and Headteachers to navigate the Statutory ECT Induction.

Information sheet for ECTs:

This short document provides the key information that all ECTs should be aware of as they commence their Statutory Induction.

Progress Reviews and Assessment Reports:

CLICK HERE to download the Handbook for completing Progress reviews and Assessment Reports.

CLICK HERE to download the Optional template for completing reviews/reports prior to uploading content to ECT manager.

Support Plan guidance for those ECTs who require extra support during ECT Induction:

This flow diagram explains the process you should follow if you are concerned that your ECT is not on track to meet the teachers’ standards. Please contact TSTSH as soon as you have concerns and we will advise you of next steps.

We ask all schools to use the TSTSH Support Plan proforma (exemplar here) when writing support plans but this will be explained to you in more detail once you contact us.

Induction Tutor briefings for
Appropriate Body 2023-4

Tuesday 7th November 3.45pm: Register here

Thursday 22nd February 3.45pm: Register here

Tuesday 4th June 2024 3.45pm: Register here

Induction Tutor Briefing resources

Key dates:

Assessment cycle 2023-4 Released to induction tutor to complete Released for ECT signature Due date to AB to review
Progress review 3 weeks before 1 week before Friday 1st Dec 2023
Progress review 3 weeks before  1 week before Thursday 21st March 2024
Assessment Report 3 weeks before  1 week before Friday 5th July 2024

These dates can all be found on ECT manager and may vary if your ECT is following a non-standard induction.